Donor Wall 2020

In addition to our entire Board of Directors of the Association for Science in Autism Treatment, we acknowledge the following 2020 donors. Without their support, our important work could not be carried out. For that we are grateful.

Benefactor $1000-1999
Phyllis Freidt (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Eric Lane

Alliance $500-999
Peggy Halliday
Sara Stojkovic

Patron $100-499
Nina Adelson-Yan
Jane Asher
Marina Azimova
May Beaubrun
Donna Cattell-Gordon (In memory of Dr. Psyche Cattell)
Douglas and Josette Celiberti (in memory of Ann, James, and Carol Celiberti)
Ray Cepeda
Philip Coffey
Lauren D’Alessio (in memory of Dr. Sharon Marie Esposito)
David Diosi
Lauren Esposito
Tina Evkard
Ronald Fogel
Linda Foster
David Freeth
Dale Friedler
Dr. Gina Green
Kim Greene
Marie Halliday (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Jacqueline Hamor
Kathy Hannon
Dr. Bill Heward
Kellie Hocking
Susan Iahargoue
Tracie Lindblad
Kathy McCoy
Dr. Mary McDonald
Kate McKenna
Dr. Joyce Mauk
Marion Myrick
Dr. Sharon Reeve
Fred Reid
Dr. Dana Reinecke
Brett Russell
Merle Schneider with match from Merck Gives Back Program
Leigh Snell
Tom and Carol Sloan (in honor of Jonathan Sloan)
John Streyle (in honor of Red Therapy & Consulting)
Jill Szalony
David Tornabene
Joy Twomey
Bethany Vana (in honor of Peggy Halliday)
Christine Wyse
Dr. Thomas Zwicker

Friend $1-99
Martha Abeyta
Denise Appleby
Carolina Arquello
Modesta Arquello
Connor Archer
Maria Arnold
Sam Bergmann
Lea Bell
Patricia Berezny
Anna Bohannon
Jayne Buchwald
Dr. Gordon Bourland
Marianne Clancy
Koreen Coffey Vicciardo
Kathy Coppedge
Yolanda Cordova (in memory of Dr. Sharon Marie Esposito)
Chuck Crawford
Lesley Dickey
Amaris Dipuglia
Dr. Corrine Donley
Karen Esposito (in memory of Dr. Sharon Marie Esposito)
Chad Favre
Sharon and John Fitzgerald
Maureen Gallagher
April Gassler
Cindy Henry
Ryan Henry
Jamel Holmes
Catherine Hood
Randy Horowitz (in honor of Ruth Donlin)
Laura Hudnall
Catherine Iadolcetta
Elizabeth Isralowitz
Brittanny Juban
Billy Karger
Michael Kizis
Mariele Koenig
Aaron Knowles
Dr. Robert LaRue
Sarah Lechago
Tyler Lee
Dr. Karrie Lindeman
Dr. John LoConte
Fidan Longmeadow
Chad Louthan
Joelle Lugo
Destiny Luna
JoniAnn Lynch
Richie MacDonnell
Dr. Vicki Maduas Knapp
Jessica Martinez
Sean Mcauley
John McDonald
Dr. Paul McDonnell
Ann-Marie McKeon Morano
Michael Miklos
Analise Minteer (in memory of Dr. Sharon Marie Esposito)
Nina Montoya and John Viola
Nelys Moyeno
Rebecca Munday
Debbi Napolitano
Sharon Nelson
Renee Neri
Jim O’Brien
Eilis O’Connell
Doreen Oefelein Farscht
Ciara O’Rourke
Rebecca O’Sullivan (in honor of The Bradford School ABA team)
Diana Parisy
Patricia Pozin
Ladislava Prochazkova
Marcia Questel
Li Qui
Gail Quinn
Paige Raitz
Dr. David Roll
Dr. Gia Rosenblum
Janice Claire Russell
Sean Russell
Dr. Randi Sarokoff
Brittany Serpas
Elizabeth Shimwell
Corey Snell
Derek Snell
Sarah Stopek
Linda Strand
Erin Stutz
Laurie Teplow
Preeva Tramiel
Danielle Tricia
Steve Trumbell
Ada Versluis
Nancy Walton
Shauna Weinberg
Larry Weiss
Jayne Wesler
Dr. Vincent Winterling

Donations can be made here or mailed to the following address:

PO Box 1447
Hoboken, New Jersey 07030

Please write us at, if you have any questions about the contents of our Donor Wall.

Thank you for your kind support!

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