Jane Asher discusses the challenges
facing parents of newly diagnosed
children with autism.

Newly Diagnosed?

Jane Asher highlights the many
resources that ASAT has to
offer the autism community.

ASAT Resources

Jane Asher offers several important
considerations to guide any and all
decisions about autism treatment.

Autism Treatment

Help us keep SCIENCE at the forefront of every conversation about autism treatment!

autism diagnosis
autism education guidance
autism medical professionals
autism media professionals

Educating, responding, and supporting accurate media depictions.

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Becoming a Savvy Consumer

In this series, we will look at the scientific method, particularly as it relates to ASD treatment, and keep an eye out for ways in which we can be effective and savvy consumers

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No escalation without examination.

Here is just another example of an article presenting an "autism treatment" in a very favorable light despite the absence of published research. Sadly, the author of this piece acknowledges that the "research has yet to be published." No cart before the horse!

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Not that publication is the answer. Just ask Wakefield.

So much work still needs to be done to bring awareness to the importance of evidence-based treatment! Daily Mail #autismtreatment #ASD

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