Whether you are an administrator, special education teacher, general education teacher, related service provider or paraprofessional, we invite you to learn more about science-based methods to teach students with autism spectrum disorders. The field of special education has been plagued with fad treatments, misconceptions, and confusion. ASAT’s mission is to promote safe, effective, and science-based treatments for people with autism. As part of this mission, we created this area of our webpage to showcase topical content for educators. The resources listed below are a combination of treatment summaries, research synopses, booklists, book and article reviews, resources and newsletter articles to help educational professionals navigate the challenges they face daily. As we update our content through our monthly newsletters and website updates, we will include them here.

We are very grateful to ACE® ABA Software System for their Partner Level Sponsorship which supported the expansion of our website to provide more specific resources to educators.

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