Teaching Procedures Using Principles of Applied Behavior Analysis

The purpose of this document is to describe and evaluate the research on some common teaching procedures that are based on the principles of applied behavior analysis. The following headings are used under the “Selected references” section and are defined as follows: “Systematic reviews of scientific studies” refers to recent literature reviews that summarize the individual studies of a particular teaching strategy. “Selected scientific studies” refers to individual experimental studies. References were selected by the following criteria: If there were current literature reviews on a particular strategy, these are the main references cited for that particular teaching strategy. If there were no current literature reviews on a particular teaching strategy, three to five recent, experimental individual studies were cited. For several teaching strategies, older but influential individual studies were cited, as well. The criterion used for classifying a teaching strategy as well-established was the publication of six to nine well-designed single-case studies by independent investigators.

Table of Contents

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