Letters to the Editor
New York Times
620 Eighth Avenue
New York, NY  10018

Dear Editor:

Jane Brody’s “Trying Anything and Everything for Autism” accurately described behavioral intervention as an effective autism treatment while outlining a family’s struggle with repeated attempts at dangerous and unproven “bio-medical” interventions to address their child’s autism.  We commend your mention of effective treatment given the clear health risks involved with using unproven approaches (e.g., one child with autism who underwent chelation has died).  There is an urgent need to take an even stronger stand in favor of effective autism intervention.  The Association for Science in Autism Treatment ( agrees that pursuit of unproven, potentially dangerous “treatments” saps family resources and takes time away from effective interventions which can make a lasting difference.


Jane Barbin, Ph.D., BCBA
Association for Science in Autism Treatment

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