Carolina Arguello, BA
Association for Science in Autism Treatment

How to translate ASAT contentDid you know that resources on our website can be translated into 100+ languages? The Google Translate feature enables individuals worldwide to benefit from our online offerings. One of ASAT’s foremost goals is international dissemination. We hope to bridge the gap between language barriers and access to our resources; and that you and your loved ones both in the U.S. and abroad will take advantage of this feature. We are aware that these translations may not be perfect, but want to make the content available nonetheless. In addition, we are working on collaborating with others to develop translated content in the near future.

We hope this step-by-step description will help you access and benefit from our content.


1.Go to our website: Make sure your page is fully expanded otherwise the translation bar may not appear.


2.On the top right corner of our website page, you will see this:


3.Click on the drop-down menu. This will list all languages into which our website can be translated.


4.Click on your preferred language.


5.All content will automatically be translated, and a new page will load (the sample below is in Spanish).


6.Browse through website tabs or use the search bar to find exactly what you want to learn more about.


7.For easy access to our site in the future, bookmark the website!


We hope you find our content beneficial. Please note our disclaimer related to the use of this feature.

Alternatively, to access our website you may go to this page and translate it to your language of choice by using the chart at the top of the page on the left side.

Translated flyers in 15+ languages can be found here. Please help our dissemination efforts for science in autism treatment by sharing these resources.

Citation for this Article:

Arguello, C. (2021). Making the most of Google Translate on Science in Autism Treatment, 18(3).

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