David Celiberti, PhD, BCBA-D, Vincent Winterling, EdD, Brizida Vinjau, MS, BCBA, Marcia Questel, MSEd, BCBA
Association for Science in Autism Treatment

As providers and family members, you have undoubtedly witnessed consumers enticed and distracted by an endless stream of purported autism treatments. Often, these treatments run counter to effective approaches, may deplete precious resources (e.g., time and money), and raise false hopes. We believe that Science in Autism Treatment (SIAT), our Association’s free, monthly e-publication, is crucial for helping families and professionals avoid the seemingly endless pursuit of “try this” and “try that.”

Newsletter recipients stay informed of up-to-date science-based treatments, read about ASAT’s response to inaccuracies about autism treatments in the media, and learn how science can be used to inform and guide treatment decisions.

In addition to ASAT’s team of writers, we showcase articles by leading advocates of science-based treatment throughout the world.  SIAT is packed with high-quality, timely, and accurate information (typically 5 articles per issue) such as:

We have a one-page flyer that highlights Science in Autism Treatment and its contents.  Please be aware that we have translated this flyer into the following languages: English, Arabic, Armenian, Bangla, Brazilian Portuguese, French, Canadian French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Malay, Mandarin, Russian, Serbian, Spanish, Swedish, and Vietnamese.

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Citation for this article:

Celiberti, D., Winterling, V., Vinjau, B., & Questel, M. (2021). A spotlight on Science in Autism Treatment. Science in Autism Treatment, 18(4).

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